Born in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, United Kingdom, Darren studied at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology and Newcastle University. He now lives locally back in Middlesbrough. Darren is a keen photographer who is always out and about with his camera. He shoots idyllic landscapes, exciting sports action, natures wildlife and beautiful portraits. On these pages you will find some of his favourite pictures that have been taken recently.


Darren's unobtrusive and calm approach combined with his artistic style creates beautiful, fresh and stylish pictures. He loves to photograph discreetly as an observer, shooting constantly and capturing true essence and emotion. Darren's subtle artistic skills allows you to relax resulting in natural and spontaneous images.


Photo Mechanic, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud software along with Apple Mac Computers are used for image processing where required and the pictures on these pages have been compressed considerably to save space and to increase download times for the internet. Pictures can be produced in Colour,  Black and White, Sepia tones or a combination and can be printed in various sizes ranging from wallet or passport sizes through to huge canvas wall prints on media from paper to canvas or acrylic using a professional print service.


Darren is currently using the superb Nikon Pro Series D3s and D800 cameras. Lenses vary depending on the shooting situation and range from a 15mm fish-eye right up to 600mm super telephoto.

Profile Pictures of Darren

If you have any photographic requests or would like to comment on any of the images here please feel free to contact via e-mail or visit Darren Clark Photography on Facebook or on Twitter for further information.

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