Wedding Photographer Questions & Answers


Here is a selection of commonly asked questions and answers about my wedding photography. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me through my Contact Page.

Do you shoot on film or use a digital camera ?


I use digital cameras as it gives far more freedom for post processing of the images in either colour or black and white. It also allows and almost unlimited amount of shots to be taken and the equivalent film speed can be adjusted in camera for each image taken.


How many pictures do you take ?


As I use a digital camera the amount of shots is almost unlimited. I use multiple memory cards and also a storage drive for downloading and backing up the cards at the event. Normally I would expect to take somewhere between 500 and 1000 shots.


Who will edit the photo's - me or you ?


All the pictures of the event are shot in raw format and are edited by myself using Adobe Photoshot before the high resolution jpeg images are supplied to you on cd or dvd.


Who will have the copyright ?


Even though it's your wedding, it's unusual for the bride to be given the copyright.


Should you pay for meals and transport ?


It's common courtesy to provide one hot meal for a full day's shooting. I do not expect travel expenses for local venues but if accommodation and transport further a field is required these costs must be covered.


How long will you stay on the day ?


This will depend on what shots you require and what sort of package you have selected.


Will you visit the venue beforehand ?


I visit all venues before the event to familiarise myself with it and to search for suitable photo locations. I also try to arrange for a pre wedding photoshoot with the Bride and Groom.


When will I receive my photographs ?


I try to have the raw photographs available for viewing on my website within a week or so allowing you to choose your favourites. Following that it takes around two to three weeks for the final processing to be completed.

How can friends and family see the photos after the event ?


I try to present low resolution pictures within two weeks on my MobilMe website for everyone to see. These pictures can also be used for upload to flickr, facebook, myspace or even your own website. Click here to see an example from a previous wedding.

All pictures are copyright © and must not be copied or reproduced in any way without the permission of the owner.