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Animal, Wildlife & Nature Photography


Darren has a great passion for wildlife photography. From the smallest insects to the largest mammals be loves to capture them all on camera.


Time and patience behind the lens is what it takes to capture often unexpected moments in animal behaviour.


Whether it's a domestic cat or dog, a bird of prey floating in the breeze or a wild tiger's yawn, timing and skill are required.

Bears Big Cats



From Polar Bears of the Arctic to Grizzly Bears of Alaska.

Big Cats


A selection of Cheetah, Leopard, Lions and Tigers from around the globe.

Wildlife of Kenya

Wildlife of Kenya


Here's my latest selection of pictures taken in the Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara and Aberdare National Parks.



A small selection of Walrus shots from my recent trips to Svalbard and the Arctic Circle on board the Icebreaker MS Stockholm.

Primates Deer & Antelope



A collection of images of Primates from around the World including Hanuman Langur, Rhesus Macaque and Baboon.

Deer & Antelope


A selection ranging from Chital of India to tiny Dik dik of Africa along with one or two from the United Kingdom.

Squirrel Zebra



Red, Grey and even a very rare Albino Squirrel taken in various locations throughout the UK.



A small selection of Zebra from my recent trips to Kenya.

Foxes Elephants



A couple of shots of the UK's Red Fox.

African and Indian Elephants


A collection of both African and Asian Elephants.

Otters Seals



A very small selection of Sea Otters taken on my recent trip to Kodiak, Alaska.



A selection of Common and Grey Seals from around the UK and Southern Fur and Elephant Seals from the Souther Atlantic.

Wildlife Art Migration

Wildlife Art


A small selection of various artistic wildlife images from around the World.



A selection of images from the annual Wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya.

Mammals Birds

Miscellaneous Mammals


A selection of various mammals from the UK and overseas.



A collection of images of Birds ranging from the smallest to the largest and from the UK and around the World.

Weasel Reptiles & Insects



A small selection of Weasel images from around the UK.

Miscellaneous Reptiles & Insects


A selection of various reptiles and insects from around the world.

Water Vole

Water Vole


A small selection of Water Vole images from around the UK.

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